Marriage isn’t for the Weak

I’m not a professional on marriage, all I have is the experience and knowledge I have gained from mine…..

Years before I met and married the love of my life, I was groomed by every sappy love story on what marriage is “suppose” to be like. Cinderella rides off into the sunset with Prince Charming. Truth is, movies like DieHard would have better prepared me.

My Romeo, ended up being a Lumberjack with the carefree fun loving side of a toddler.

Instead of candle light dinners, our nights are spent around a campfire with him shotgunning beers and burping the alphabet.

Little things that used to be simple have turned into survival of the fittest, like sleeping. Whoever falls asleep first, keeps the other wide awake snoring like a bear.

We have somehow become in sync with one another… well our bladders have. We become Katniss and Peeta at a full sprint to save ourselves and our bed. Unfortunately he sleeps closer to the bathroom.

When I have weird things pop up on my body, I have someone to get up close and diagnose me…come on ladies, we all have this problem, don’t try and deny it. I have someone to look at across the room in funny situations and we both know what the other is thinking. He’s that guy that makes sure I call him when I get anywhere so he knows I made it safe. And you know what, because of that, I don’t even complain when he uses every clean dish in the house to make a simple mac-n-cheese (ok, I grumble a little bit, but in a very loving way).

He makes me laugh when I need to laugh at myself, he pushes me when I’m discouraged until I’m red in the face I’m so mad, but he is right every time. He believes in me and refuses to not let me give up on myself.

Is marriage perfect? Not in the least. Is it one of the hardest things I’ve ever done? Probably. Do I regret it every day of my life? Never. I wake up every morning married to my best friend, what is there regret?

Marriage is nothing like the sappy love stories, it’s better.

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