10 Things for Keeping it Together in the RV Lifestyle

One year ago, my husband took a change in careers that kept us traveling most of the year. After a $3000 hotel bill, we decided to do our own type of small living and get an RV. Living full-time in an RV is not for the faint of heart. It will make you rethink your marriage and make you wonder if parenthood is for you. The most frustrating part was the lack of space. I had to find places to stash all of our stuff. So here I have compiled a list of 10 things that helped me keep it together in our first year. Not only that, I have also included the links for you to make your life easier. Yay for easy!

1.) Shelf dividers

-I took several shelves and doubled them these things. Cabinet space is a luxury in an RV and I used every bit I could squeeze out of it.

Find it here: DecoBros Expandable Stackable Kitchen and Cabinet Dividers

2.) 3 drawer storage carts

-Clothes seemed to be my downfall. I had clothes everywhere and these containers saved the day. Even in the kitchen and bathroom, the smaller sizes would keep my life together.

Find it here: ISIS 3 Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

3.) Step covers

-These are two reasons these steps are amazing. One, it helped stop the mud and grime from coming in and are easy to spray off. Two, they saved me from the evil icy metal steps. It only took me one slip and one nasty bruise to figure out I needed this.

Find it here: Camco Wrap Around Step Rug

4.) Shoe and jewelry hangers

-I can’t praise these hangers enough! I got these things everywhere! In the bunkhouse for my daughter’s toys and barbies, a small jewelry one in the bathroom cabinet for my makeup and toiletries, on the door in the bathroom for towels and rags. Sigh…they are lovely.

Find it here: Misslo Over the Door Shoe Organizer

5.) Flat storage containers

-These totes really helped me organize the underbelly storage. Everything is sorted out by by what it is such as summer toys, hoses and cords, etc. Not only that, but I use them to switch out between winter and summer clothes. Summer clothes go in these in the storage during the winter and winter clothes…well, you get it.

Find it here: Rubbermaid 41 Quart Storage Tote

6.) Anything collapsible

-Collapsible is a magic word in an RV. When not in use, it’s so easy to store them away. They even make collapsible pots, although I have not been brave enough to try. But if you are, then you can get them here.

Find it here:Sailing Premium 3 Quart Collapsible Stock Pot

**Edit:This is just one of the collapsible pots, there are so many, feel free to look around and find others. There is a lot of options!

7.) Stretchable picnic table cover

-Let’s be honest, I don’t trust outdoor picnic tables. Between the birds, bugs, and other people who have been used them, I just get the willies. Alas, they make a good play station for kids when it’s nice out, so we cover them up and try not to think about it. Only problem is the wind carrying them away, luckily they make a stretchable cover that fits snugly.

Find it here:3 Piece Fitted Picnic Table and Bench Cover

8.) Folder holders

-These things are excellent for storage in a cabinet. Pasta, rice, gravy packets, and anything else that fits in them helps to keep clutter minimal.

Find it here: Evelots 6 Magazine/Folder Holder

9.) Mesh bags

-Anything that has cords, go in a bag….I hate untangling cords.

Find it here: Outus 6 Piece Zipper Mesh Travel Bag

10.) Instant Pot

-Ya’ll, I saved the best for best! I know everyone raves about this pot, but the truth is, you can cook a whole meal in it and do away the big pile of pots in the cabinet. If you don’t believe me, you can even check out the recipe books for instant pots in our other blog post. Save your sanity, and use this!

Find it here: Instant Pot 6 Quart 9-in-1 Cooker

I hope these ideas help with whatever disorganization problems you have. Life is too short to be stressed about fighting clutter. Trust your journey and leave the mess behind you.


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